grandmas place

Our Story

    Ten years ago, Susan (name changed), a young woman who had a dual diagnosis of FASD and mental illness, was set to age out of the foster care system. Her foster parents were concerned that Susan would not be successful living completely on her own, and yet, a group home would not be a good fit as her life skills were much more independent.

She frequently enjoyed spending the weekend with her foster grandmother, and the foster grandma would help teach Susan cooking and other important independence skills.

When talking about living on her own, the young woman said,
“If only I could live at Grandma’s Place.”

This was the beginning of Grandma’s Place. The concerned foster dad developed a program tailored to meet the needs of his foster daughter and other young adults like her. Grandma’s Place has grown in the past ten years and has an interest in serving more clients like Susan: young adults aging out of foster care, single adults with disabilities who are parenting their children, and adults with serious and persistent mental illness and cognitive delays.

Our Mission

To create and maintain a strength-based program to provide creative learning opportunities for persons with neuro-challenges to become independent, learn to self-advocate and become involved in their community.

  1. To provide an environment for individuals to become the very best they can be.
  2. To treat consumers and employees with the respect and dignity they deserve.
  3. To provide proper nurturing, values, training and care for all involved, including clients, parents, friends and employees.
  4. To provide employees with excellent training and relevant experience.
  5. To provide opportunities and experiences for clients and staff that they may not be able to have on their own.

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